The Canadian Neonatal Network™ is a group of Canadian researchers who collaborate on research issues relating to neonatal care. The Network was founded in 1995 by Shoo Lee, MBBS, FRCPC, PhD and now includes members from 30 hospitals and 17 universities across Canada. The Network maintains a standardized neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) database and provides a unique opportunity for researchers to participate in collaborative projects on a national and international scale. Health care professionals, health services researchers and health administrators participate actively in clinical, epidemiologic, outcomes, health services, health policy and informatics research aimed at improving efficacy and efficiency of neonatal care. Research results are published in Network reports and in peer-reviewed journals. 


"To be a network of Canadian researchers who conduct leading multi-disciplinary, collaborative research dedicated to the improvement of neonatal-prenatal health and health care in Canada and internationally"

Special Goals

  • Establish a national network of multi-disciplinary Canadian researchers interested in neonatal-perinatal research
  • Establish and maintain a truly national neonatal-perinatal database and provide the infrastructure to facilitate collaborative research
  • Longitudinally study outcomes and variation in medical care that increases costs but does not improve outcomes. This is important because NICU care is one of the largest components of child health expenditures and exhibits large variations in mortality, morbidity and costs.
  • Develop innovative research methods that can lead to improvement in health and quality of healthcare.